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Founded in 1981 by our fearless, visionary leader Robert Fuhrer, Nextoy specializes in developing toy concepts and hooking up great toys and games with the people who can build them, sell them and market them. Though in the past we've focused mostly on electromechanical skill games, action games, pre-school toys and radio controlled vehicles, we are committed to exploring new areas and developing the most innovative and interesting new products out and around. Nextoy has co-developed numerous innovative new products that were the top-sellers in their categories for their launch years, including Crocodile Dentist (Milton Bradley), Gator Golf (Milton Bradley), BatCycle (Kenner) Dragonfly (Toymax), i-Top (iToys), XTS Expandable Train System (Basic Fun) and AirBlade (Mattel). Nextoy’s latest project, the highly addictive KenKen™ brain-training puzzle, has been heralded as the successor to SuDoku, was picked up by the London Times as a daily puzzle, and will be sold in all major international markets through HarperCollins Books in Europe, and St. Martin’s Press in North America.

Our general services include:

  • Worldwide product placement
  • OEM and overseas sourcing
  • Original concept generation/development
  • Product consulting
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