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The people that are involved in the toy industry are wonderful, but sometimes the people that make the toys are as silly as the toys they make. For example:

Tell Bob we finally like something! - Steve Toth, Kenner

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! - Steve Toth, Kenner

I'm here but I'm not speaking to you. - Phil Jackson, Mattel

Sculptural Purity.... - Dave Maurer, Playskool

Too futzy - Dave Maurer, Playskool

It could happen. - Sue Adamo Baumbach, Pressman

I get it! Let's eat. - Berko, Mattel

It's not hard to sell Pooh - Jim Keifer, Mattel it a game? - Jim Keifer, Mattel

S#%t, you're selling this stuff to Hasbro? - Richie Weintraub, Mattel

Don't torture me, I'll buy it! - Aad Obbens, Jumbo

Don't worry...lot's of new products coming. - Ogihara, CCP

It sucks but I'll take it. - Richie Weintraub, Mattel

I know more than you think I think I know. - Jim Keifer, Mattel Games

I can keep coming up with great ideas. - Jim Keifer, Mattel Games

You should see me in the shower. - Kim McKay


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