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NEXTOY, LLC provides a full range of client services including:

  • Product Invention: We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading inventing groups serving the worldwide toy industry.
  • Global Product Placement: Our worldwide network of client companies are always seeking to license the next great idea. If you are an inventor with a well developed idea, NEXTOY, LLC can identify the appropriate partner and negotiate favorable terms for new inventions.
  • Product Development and Engineering: In association with our partners, we offer a full range of services including ideation, development, engineering, samples, production.
  • Consulting: If it involves toys, licensing or children, we can probably help.
  • OEM and Overseas Sourcing: We enjoy long term relationships with quality overseas sources of manufacturing. Provide us with a product sample or rendering and we can quickly respond back on the feasibility and cost of your project.

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